Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building

Sunna Al-Amal implemented 5 intensive training workshops in:

1) Basic Skills in Assessment, Intervention and Relation Building in Psychotherapy - December 2017 by  Murad Amro.

2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT in December 2016 by a Registered Provisional Psychologist and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Ruth Wells - a guest trainer from Australia.

3) Psychodynamic Approaches in Psychotherapy in September 2016 by Murad Amro, a Clinical Psychologist holding an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Psychopatholoy from Montpellier, France and works at the Palestinian Counselling Center.

4) Expressive Arts Therapy Training in August 2016 by Dr. Yousef Ajarmeh, the Core Faculty and Director of Expressive Arts TherapyProgram, holding an M.A in Counselling Psychology at William James College, United States of America.

5) Crisis Interventions: Children and Adults in June 2016 by Ayisha Malik, a Clinical Psychologist.


All training workshops are jointly funded by MISEREOR and CARITAS Schweiz