Our Values

Sunna Al-Amal commits to the following values:

Compassion: We respect our society, partners and colleagues, and acknowledge people’s struggles for better life, while remaining supportive, productive and hopeful.   

Commitment to engagement and connectivity: With an innovative and spirit, we engage all stakeholders, and the greater society at large, through solutions and ideas that shape psychosocial well-being trends and advance sustainable, effective philanthropy. 

Integrity: Our main principle is honesty and we adhere to the highest moral principles. We earn and maintain our organization’s utmost trust. 

Leadership: We engage and collaborate with every local, regional and international organization and network that share our goals and believes, our mission towards building a better future can only be achieved by working together. Our partnerships are divers and innovative, and we all share the same believes and principles.  

Accountability: We set challenging, but achievable goals. We are open and transparent about how we conduct our activities, and accurate in reporting our outcome.